Proposing spaces for experimentation, shows and exchange that are detached from traditional models represents an act of resistance to the cultural hegemony that operates in Asunción, whose dissent is relegated to anonymity or overshadowed by academic speeches.


Vena Rota seeks to expose the blood of the living, to enable the notion that between bodies there are vital, material and immaterial flows, which are essential to question, break, rebuild when life cannot take any more. It seeks to ally itself with artists, organizations, to generate sensitive and collective movements of contagion, affectation and reflection.

In a country as unjust as the one we live in, proposing these changes is urgent, but not only from a “macro” political place (partisan and institutional), but from the relational, the sensitive, the “micro-political” where I think it is gestating a revolution that dialogues with the ego and psychology, which lately delimits our way of understanding the world ".