In the digital and hyper-consumer era, alienation is turning bodies into rigid devices conforming to hegemonic normalization. Cell phones and screens are part of a new body that is in transition.

We propose a possible other with a queer and diverse aesthetic, which interrupts the ordinary environment and generates questioning. Four bodies, three performers and an "eye", dialogue with the register from cell phones and transform gestures and memory of objects into a dance based on resonance with others.

In a context where the dominant subjectivity exercises a repressive power, moving, inhabiting different spaces, resignifying them is an act of resistance. Body / Selfie is a joyous open question regarding how we can dialogue between art, dance and technology.



This work was presented at the 17 Festival Crea en Libertad, in Asunción.

Choreographer: Bruno A. Comas (Vena Rota) / Performers: Bruno A. Comas, Pamela Cáceres, James Morel and Iruc / Producer: Pamela Cáceres / Production Assistance: Yamile Morel / Collective Direction: Bruno Almada Comas - Pamela Cáceres - Yamile Morel - Carlos Curi Date: July 2018 / Camera / Record: Carlos Curi 'Iruc' / Musicalization: Riverwave 'VHSailing Rally' - 'Everyday 毎 日 420' by Riverwave on the EP 'Surubi Spirit ナ マ ズ の 精神' 2016. / Costumes / Makeup: Andre Rolon K / Editing and Post-Production: Pamela Cáceres 'Pom' - Carlos Curi 'Iruc' Graphics: Bruno A. Comas