In adverse conditions for free expression and questioning, these artistic actions or performances are vital escapes of affections, sensitivities and violations. Although we recognize that there is no power equal to that of the body in presence and action, through this web cycle we want to make these works available to the public, to recognize them and set a precedent for dissident art in the local scene of Asuncion. We share inspiration, rawness, context and intensive resistance. The exhibited works were carried out in cycles organized or co-produced by Vena Rota between 2018 and 2019.

Chancleta tatá

Nina ferreyra

Brune A. Comas

Erwing szokol

Victoria Carballar



This activity is carried out by

the Month of 108 Memories,

organized by the Coalition

TLGBI Paraguay



All rights released 2020

INTENSIVA - Muestra de Peformances (2018-2019)
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