"Paraguay No Me Mates" consists of a routine of actions and symbolic expressions accompanied by real audios of government representatives, journalists and fundamentalist religious, with a homophobic and hate speech, broadcast in the press.

It is a direct complaint against the homophobia that exists in our society and a claim open to reflection, because we deserve to live in peace, shine and not be killed or persecuted.

Due to a presentation made at the Besatón Festival, he is accused of exhibitionism due to a video that religious groups circulated on social networks in search of incriminating the event and the artistic expressions of the Lgbtiq community. For more information on this, read on Artivismo .



This Performance was shown in Asunción at the La Chispa Cultural Center, Café Consulado, Besatón Festival, SumarPY Festival and in Buenos Aires at the #ARTEQUERESISTE event in G104.