February 2021


Cultural Action in commemoration of the "fall" of the dictatorship

February 3rd commemorates the fall of the dictatorship of A. Stroessner, after 35 years in power. The transition to democracy, however, continues to be truncated by the heirs of the regime, until now in power.

On February 4, we held the Cultural Action WITHOUT RIGHTS THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY, in a street closure in front of the Museum of Memories.

Short films, music, performance, reflections, fair of all kinds, flash tattoos and a space for memory and reflection that we need to exist and be strengthened.



Fair management Natalia Correa from @obradora_cultural

#performance #artequeresiste #asuncion #memoria #DICTADURANUNCAMAS @ Museum Of Memories


December 2020



March 10dpy 2020

The 10DPY march for human rights (2020) started from the Plaza de los Desaparecidos, in memory of those people persecuted and murdered in the Stroessner dictatorship and also of the contemporary victims of neo-stronismo and its state terrorism.

In front of the ANR (party that currently governs and for more than 60 years almost uninterruptedly) we call a symbolic funeral for the lives that are not there, for the lands they have taken and above all, for congenial a deep desire for transformation. Freeing ourselves from this oppressive system is the only alternative to live better, as we deserve.


Coordinación vena rota Coord. Cadena Gigante y Pintura Corporal Sofia Insfran Registro y Edición de Video Josie Lacarrubba Música Sapukai Colaboradores: Nina Ferreyra, Wilson Yegros, Sachiko Tanaka, Ofensiva Universitaria, Alexis Dominguez. Plataforma Social de DDHH, Memoria y Democracia Diciembre 2020