ApodcastLIPTICO - Ep. 2 - Caretaje and Discrimination

EP 2: “Caretaje and Discrimination” - ApodcastLIPTICO

Ciclium and Nokio carry out a body-sensory scan in the streets of Asunción and ask each other about the "caretaje" and discrimination that exists in the city, while causing unpredictablehavoc. The conversation goes along the same lines, Aye and Brune discuss their experiences of discrimination and reflect on the mechanisms that perpetuate face-off and violence.


Ceci Avati @avatidaa and Brune Comas @brunebruuu participate in the fiction, special participation @ _wil.york. The dialogue is between Aye Ostertag @ayeostertagph and Brune. Flyer drawing and design Brune @brunebruuu.

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