ApodcastLIPTICO - Ep. 4 - Migrant Narratives part 1

After visiting the Palace of Corruption (or Justice), Ciclium and Nokio decide to take a break and go to a park, where they come across a peculiar character and his ancestral medicine. For the conversation, Aye and Brune invite Abi Borja, a Paraguayan sociologist living in Canada, to talk about migration, its motives and effects, in a first round on the subject.


Ceci Avati @avatidaa and Brune Comas @brunebruuu participate in the fiction, with the special participation of @wil.york. The dialogue is between Aye Ostertag, Brune and Abi Borja @abicuela_malvada. Flyer drawing and design Brune @brunebruuu.

Produced by vena rota with the support of @ondasayvu.

# podcast # cartoon # asuncion # paraguay # migration # satira

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