ApodcastLIPTICO - Ep 6 - Mediocrity Transversal Trap?

After a night of partying and analysis of the body-sensory context, Ciclium and Nokio talk about the experience while they go by canoe to where their ship is. All this leaves them mobilized, so much so that Ciclium decides to tell its truth. In the coversa, Abi Borja, a Paraguayan sociologist living in Canada, joins together with Aye and Brune, to discuss the concept of mediocrity, investigating the reasons, the meanings and how this relates to our daily lives.


Ceci Avati @avatidaa and Brune Comas @brunebruuu participate in the fiction. The dialogue is between Aye Ostertag @ayeostertagph, Abi Borja @abichuela_malvada and Brune. Brune drawing and design flyer.

Produced by vena rota @ vena.rota. With the support of Ondas Ayvú


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