ApodcastLIPTICO - ep 7 -Alternatives to mediocrity

Ciclium reveals his true intentions to Nokio with this intertemporal trip from 2321 to 2021 to Descensión del Paraguay and makes him a proposal that can change the course of his destinies. In the conversation, Aye and Brune reflect together with Abi Borja on the alternatives to mediocrity and the status quo from self-management, questioning and valuing.


Ceci Avati @avatidaa and Brune Comas @brunebruuu participate in the fiction. The dialogue is between Aye Ostertag @ayeostertagph, Abi Borja @abichuela_malvada and Brune. Brune drawing and design flyer.

Produced by vena rota @vena.rota. www.venarota.com

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