ApodcastLIPTICO - Ep. 8 - Future from the here and now

The inter-temporal ship must return to the year 2321. In addition to discovering the deplorableness of Asunción and its some of its motives, Ciclium and Nokio will make a decision that will change the course of their destinies forever. In this last talk, Aye and Brune exchange about the future and the challenges we face as a millennial generation to contribute to social change. They take as reference materials from Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Claudio Naranjo.

Thanks to those who shared this journey with us! This is the end of the season and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


Ceci Avati @avatidaa and Brune Comas @brunebruuu participate in the fiction. The dialogue is between Aye Ostertag @ayeostertagph, and Brune. Brune drawing and design flyer.

Produced by @ vena.rota. www.venarota.com.

With the support of Ondas Ayvú.

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