FUNESTA - fanzine #1 How does the Partido Colorado kill us?

This digital fanzine is the result of an open call and seeks to give continuity to the reflections of March 2021 and insist on linking multiple artistic expressions and put into conversation here in three thematic axes -protest, repression and inheritance-. We believe that they manage to disturb with thick and forceful answers to the question-slogan How does the Colorado Party kill us? The answers we continue to suffer in the body, the territory and our remains that, although they want to be underestimated or silenced, keep enough vitality to imagine and build a better reality for everyone out loud. We thank the artists who contributed their creations and all the people who experience this publication and then share it, or simply let themselves be affected. #ANRNuncaMás #MarzoParaguayo2021

List of participating artists: Manuel Acuña - Nico Mierda - Tere Tekila - Ceci Avati - Cristian Peralta - María Ortiz - Sophia Ruíz - Pykasu Vera - Gise Caputto - Elian Feral - Noe López - Edgar Mali - Josie Lacarrubba - @santahell_ - rosebi (Bianca Bogado) - Beta Ortiz Benegas

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