NARCOGUAY - What to do? - Street Intervention

What to do?

Between the emergencies, shortages, floods and the customary apathy in this territory, I always reflect on what would happen if we changed the names for more representative reasons. If instead of Asunción it were Descension, if instead of Paraguay "PARA" which would be brilliance in guaraní, it were changed to Narcoguay... Could it be that this would serve to wake up the social body from this state of looting and helplessness?

Perhaps it is time to look more closely at ourselves to learn how to un-make ourselves, re-make ourselves, de-Christianize, dis-partisan... The Bible is just one of the many sacred texts that are incorporated into our ideas and bodies, Why do we continue to live among ghosts and crypts?

WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? If I still don't have the slightest idea, at least let me insist on the question.

Carried out within the framework of Organized Youth "Persecution NEVER AGAIN".

Photos: Maite Venialgo

Filming: Wilson Yegros

March 26, 2022, Asuncion Py

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