Proyecto Hábitat is Vena Rota's first group performance work. It was made with the support of La Scene - School of Arts in Buenos Aires, with artists residing in Buenos Aires in 2017.


This project is developed based on thematic axes recognized in a play written by Bruno Comas in adolescence. Based on stereotypes, states and inflections are proposed, such as repression, depression, anger, pathology and death as a channel of liberation.

It is made up of physical dynamics, dance, and musical interventions. Its dark and post-punk aesthetic seeks to reproduce a nightmare atmosphere.

The samples were spaces for experimentation and exchange with other artists, in self-managed cycles. Showing in different spaces allowed us to train the adaptability of the proposal.


We present in Buenos Aires throughout November at the events: Poetry X Doing (La Revuelta Theater), Explicit II (Post-porn art cycle) and in the Ruminant Cycle (La Scene- School of Art).

In Asunción in December, also as part of the Ruminant Cycle, we performed at Casa Karakú, along with other local artists.

It is a work in progress, carried out by a co-creation team made up of Cristian Miguel (Arg), Javier Alonso (Arg), Natalia Joruqera (Chile) and Nair Noronha (Mozq). With support of La Escena School of Art (Buenos Aires).