ReaXiones de Rechazo, is the first work in progress that I made myself and the exploration continues to resonate in my aesthetics and the dynamics of the performances I practice.

Working from irony, the transition through different states, a body that questions edges and limits through music, movement and art. This process matured taking as a premise the use of a unifying element: plastic.

Over the course of two years, RX has toured several self-managed art spaces in Asunción, Encarnación and Buenos Aires between 2016 and 2018.



- Month of Remembrance - Mansion 108, September 2016, Asunción.

- Ruminant Cycle, December 2016, Bs. As.

- El Emergente, May 2017, Bs. As.

- Ruminant Cycle, July 2017, Asunción.

- Acid Night - Happy, September 2017, Bs As.

- Domestic, April 2018, Encarnacion.



This work is a fundamental step to develop Paraguay Don't kill me in 2018.


Colaborations: Mariam Salas, Nicolas Ramirez, Yva Serrati, Sucia de LaBasura, Cuco Viveros.