About Vena Rota

Vena Rota is a platform for the management and creation of performance projects and research of the social body. Since 2016 he has been developing individual and collective works with the coordination of Bruno A. Comas and the collaboration of various artists from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, among other countries.

Between Buenos Aires and Asunción, Vena Rota generates spaces for expression and exchange through events such as the Ruminant Cycle (2017 Bs As), #EntreCuerpes (2018 Asu), #ArtequeResiste (2018 Asu ​​- Bs As), Entrever (2018 Bs As ) and Intensive (2020 web). In 2017, he premiered the short film Voraz at the International LGBT Film Festival of Paraguay, recorded in Buenos Aires. It is worth mentioning the group performances # ProyectoHábitat (2017), #CuerpoSelfie (2018) and Parallax (2019) and the individual performances Reaxiones (2017), Paraguay no me mates (2018), Rabia (2018) and Sucrista Style (2019).


Political Body Platform (2019) - Asunción

Photo: Marcelo Sandoval

foto brune 2022.jpg

Brune A. Comas - Coordinator

Photo: Josie Lacarrubba


#ARTEQUERESISTE (2018) - Buenos Aires

Photo: Arandú Films

During 2019 he formed a team with Sachiko Tanaka to develop the Political Body - Reflection and Performance program in Asunción, during the months of August to December. This project was selected by the Next Generation 2019 of the Prince Claus Foundation and had the support of Amnesty International, the Network Against All Forms of Discrimination, Arandú Saité, Espacio E and the Juan de Salazar Cultural Center. In 2020, he was part of the Open Armoires discussion, organized by the Spanish Cooperation and CCJES.

In 2020, the online workshop La Variante Web - Creative Expression and Artivism was developed in a Covid-19 situation, for Diversxs activists from the cities of Encarnación and Coronel Oviedo.

Participate in the Pop-Up Tech Expo organized by Tedic with the work "New World Disorder". She coordinated two collective performances with the Social Platform for Human Rights and Memory during 2020, of which she has been a part since 2021 in the area of ​​cultural management. The alternative space "Casa Rota" is inaugurated, formed together with the artist Cecilia Avati.

In 2021, with Cecilia Avati and Ayhesa Ostertag, vena rota produced the podcast series "Apodcastliptico" with the support of Ondas Ayvú and the Juan de Salazar Cultural Center of Spain.

In 2021, premieres the performance work "A Través", a project benefited from the Municipal Fund for Scenic Creations of the Municipality of Asunción. This same year he was selected as one of the hundred winners of the Seed Awards 2021 of the Prince Claus Foundation (Netherlands) for his artistic work with vena rota.

In 2022 NotiBasta videos are launched, produced with the ESIgualdad campaign, , related to the problem of Sexual Education in Paraguay and Latinamerica. 

With the intention of maintaining an open and sensitive flow to contingency, Vena Rota traces a path towards inspiration and questioning, “seeing the blood of the living” in a constant movement of bodies, ideas and sensibilities.