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She runs around town in heels. She is full of secrets and enjoys life as best she can. Perhaps a new love, morbid anecdotes and of course, loneliness, his only irremediable place. She is wicked, funny, cursed and very flirtatious, but above all, she is… VORACIOUS.

Watch the full shortfilm:


Actors ELLA - BLAS Cristian Miguel JOSEFA Angélica Martinez PSYCHOLOGIST Marcelo Reinoso

Attend Director Liz Haedo Asist. Production Fabiana Tolosa Costume Jimena Tulián

Sound recording Anin Ayala Art and Props Anin Ayala Jimena Tulián Fabiana Tolosa

Scene extras Cinema Esteban Rossi Jimena Tulian Sound Editing and Dubbing Bruno A. Comas

Script, Direction, Camera, Editing and General Production Bruno A Comas 2017